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Technical Department

The entire M.P.C. production is managed and assisted by the Technical Department, an integrated and efficient company structure. It covers each sector of the production process, from analysis to certification, also providing adequate assistance to outsourcing partners.

The department’s work activities start from the offer to the Customer in which the machining methods and technologies are analysed and simulated during preparation by means of the CAD-CAM tools provided. It then proceeds with the preparation of production assistance once the order has been made.
Machining and handling tools or equipment with a CAD parametric modelling device can be designed in this stage, as well as perform normal activities that involve the construction of manufacturing and processing studies, work cycles, programs for numerical control, both for tool machines, lathes and boring machines up to 5 simultaneous and continuous axes, and for control instruments, both probing and laser.

In addition to providing diagrams, drawings, plans and programs, the M.P.C. Workshop and any workshops of partners involved in designing the product, the Technical Department performs all the production management and control activities using classic Office Automation software tools and with the help of a specific system and staff management program, integrated in the company’s network and with detection terminals distributed throughout the production area that enable prompt vision of the operative situation and accurate control of the job order’s processing.

Staff in charge of quality control and management also perform their activities within the Technical Department in perfect coordination and continuous exchange of information with technicians and programmers, such as to give the group a highly trained and highly specialised team identity.
To confirm this, training courses are carried out for all staff, both for individuals and for groups, the development of methods and relative software: all CAD-CAM systems are managed, maintained and developed in-house within the Technical Department.

The Department also assists Management in the study of office and plant layouts and designing areas and production buildings.