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Renzo Cervo – The Founder

Cervo Renzo, second son of a peasant family, was born in Posina on 21 September 1945.

Growing up in that small mountain village, from a young age he carried out various jobs to help in the family.

Hunger and necessity made his father, Mario, emigrate around the world, carrying out very hard work as a miner, carpenter and lumberjack.

His mother, Tranquilla, in addition to doing the housework, worked arduously in the fields, managing the farming activity single-handed in order to support the family.

In 1960, when his father returned home, Renzo moved to Santorso with the family where he started to work at a metalworking company.

In 1970, as a result of his instinctive entrepreneurial abilities and his courage to take risks, he started his own business with his brother. That same year, he married Renata, with whom he later had his children, Giuliano, Claudio and Stefania, who, treasuring their father’s experiences, as well as his teachings, continued the business with success and satisfaction.

In 1996, he expanded his business, also undertaking business activities in the real estate sector where he is still established and esteemed.

The Winning Recipe

Have a nose for business and the courage to take a risk