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Quality Policy

Management is aware that the success and very existence of its organisation depends on its ability to meet the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders.

That is why it has implemented a Quality Management System according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 as a tool to maintain customer satisfaction and improve it over time.

In planning the Quality Management System, Management has considered and assessed the risk in the event that activities and processes should not produce the expected results.

Accordingly, it has established actions to mitigate the risk within acceptable values, to constantly keep the effectiveness of said actions under control and to improve them based on the experience gained.

In doing so, it has taken into account the context in which the organisation operates, in terms of external factors (e.g. market changeability, legislative variability, technological evolution, growth of the competition), as well as in terms of internal factors (e.g. availability of resources for investments, technological assets, people’s skills, organisational structure).

Consequently, Management undertakes to make products/processing that meet customer requirements, as well as the applicable statutory and legislative requirements. Considering that customer needs and expectations change over time, driven by technical progress and under pressure by the competition, Management is also committed to continuously improving the processes to achieve them.

Since Management believes that the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders is also obtained with the satisfaction of the personnel involved in the various processes, it implements initiatives for training and refreshing skills and fosters conditions that are able meet the personnel’s expectations of professional growth.

In light of the fact that satisfied suppliers also contribute to increasing customer satisfaction, all partnerships aimed at improving the product, making it more cost-effective, faster to produce, more satisfactory to the needs and expectations of the market will be privileged.

Management is personally involved in the implementation of the Policy as stated above – therefore it undertakes to periodically assess the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, and to initiate and promote initiatives to improve it.

In order to implement the Quality Policy, Management indicates and manages, on a specific document, quality objectives that are measurable, consistent with the Policy and attainable.


Download pdf with the Quality Policy